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An agile platform to enhance the health of teams and increase the agile maturity

A tool for governance and management of agile teams

Goobee Teams is the first platform focused on governance and management of agile teams in the world,
which has configurable agile practices and artificial intelligence generating insights for continuous improvement. Request a demo 😉

Extend the view of the operation

With GooBee Teams, in addition to implementing agile practices, you can manage the capacity and engagement of your teams.

Get visibility into your operation

Know the capacity of your teams and monitor engagement in strategic ceremonies for real scale agility.

Gerencie diversos times

With GooBee Teams it is easy to track, manage and take metrics from various teams without the dispersion of content and waste of inputs generated in important ceremonies.

Personalize your Frames

With the tables, the manager will have a broad view of the tasks performed, those to come and those completed. The columns are customizable and the cards have points of effort to give a clearer view of the team’s capacity and mission.

Agile Coach Tips

The system learns from the behavior of the teams and from the evaluations of the Agile Coaches, generating insights and tips for the teams to increase their efficiency.

Some available practices


Have a performance metric with the team’s agile practices thermometer. Know which team is hotter in agility

Delegation Board

The Management 3.0 tool allows the team to show each member’s responsibilities and levels of authority.


Niko Calendário

Our platform asks daily about the mood of each employee, forming a monthly calendar of the team’s feelings.

Kudo Cards

Send cards online to thank or congratulate those who have done a good job.


Personal Mapping

Each employee can register their skills, experiences, hobbies and curiosities. Thus, teams get to know each other easily, generating empathy and connection between members.

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Check-point por perfil

We offer a clear view of all team members and HR Agile, generating check-points with an action plan and history.

Daily Alert and Retrospective

Schedule the Daily schedule and the frequency of the Retrospectives. Our platform launches notifications alerting and charging all team members.

Moving Motivators

In the dynamics of motivators in Management 3.0, team members can prioritize the order of personal values. Thus, it is visible what are your motivators in a simple way



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