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Merit Money 
Collaborative Reward System

Earn, Swap, Enjoy.

Meet Coin2U, a Goitee Merit Money platform

With roots in Management 3.0, this collaborative reward tool allows employees to repay each other with virtual currencies as a thank you. Through these coins, they can exchange for products and services registered by the company.

We build Coin2U following the Management 3.0 principles:

01. Use the element of surprise;

02. More collaboration, and less competition;

03. Feedback as the main measure of performance;

04. Improve the reward system creatively;

05. Reward as a source of motivation and intrinsic.

Coin2U and its Fun Features

01. Send coins with affectionate messages to acknowledge your colleague;

02. Search and buy products with your Deserved Coins;

03. Check the status of your order and your Coin balance;

04. Receive via email notifications about your Coins extract;

05. Check the exchange rates of your digital currencies.

Collaborative reward

Exchange and stock control


Engagement metrics and chat user to user


Online store and transaction statement

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